It’s funny, because I actually discovered Authonomy in 2009. In the time since then, however, apart from the occasional email, I’d pretty much forgotten about it. Last month I received an email from them about the London Book Fair, in which Authonomy was taking part to create the Author Lounge, a place specifically for writers to get information about publishing, etc.

So, due to this, I went back to look around Authonomy again, except this time taking a more in depth look, and I like what I’m seeing. A place to read and support unpublished authors, a place to get feedback and reviews of my own work.

Usually, when I see places like this one, they are focused more on short stories. I’ve been a member of ABCTales for years, but despite allowing manuscripts, I always felt more inclined to post short stories there, for people who want to read and run. Authonomy is geared toward manuscripts for novels. A piece must have 10,000 words before it is public for reading.

Usually, I’m a little worried about these places, but Authonomy is run by Harper Collins, not to mention that they’ve taken measures to protect work (disabling the copy paste function, for example) and I’m assured that having my work posted there will in no way change my rights to publish. In fact, it can only strengthen them if I get good reviews and a solid audience.

If you get a number of people recommending your writing on this site, you also get the opportunity to be reviewed by a Harper Collins editor. Personally, I am currently not seeing the downside… well, unless everyone hates it.

So, yesterday, I reorganised my login, ensured that I was up to date on my profile, etc, and then I uploaded a full copy of my manuscript. Seeing as this must be done chapter by chapter, and my internet at home can be rocky, it took quite a while. However, there is it, it’s all up, and I feel pretty good about it.

I have also put a number of interesting looking novels on my watch list so that I can get to reading some of them as soon as I have finished my review copy of By the Light of the Moon by the fantabulous Laila Blake. With my review due in the first week of April, that is certainly my number 1 priority reading wise. However, after that (and maybe after April, because of CampNaNo, which I plan on taking part in,) I will be knuckling down into some unpublished writing.


To read work, you do need a login, but if anyone is interested in reading, it’s free and you won’t find currently it anywhere else.

Dead and Buryd on Authonomy

Main Authonomy Website


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One Response to Authonomy

  1. babelclaire says:

    Authonomy is great in some ways – but a ginormous time suck in others, and swarming with nasty internal politics. To get to the “desk” you have to spend hours reviewing other people’s work and/or spamming them to beg for votes. It’s supposedly under review, though, so here’s hoping – it was worth it for me when I got a thoughtful, in-depth review and also for making some serious, like-minded friends, but just be warned!

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