Review: Wool by Hugh Howey

Wool by Hugh Howey

What would you do
if the world outside was deadly,
and the air you breathed could kill?
And you lived in a place
where every birth required a death,
and the choices you made could save lives
– or destroy them?
This is the world of

Rating: Buy this book now and do not put it down!

Hugh Howey’s Wool takes us on a trip far more winding than the staircase of the silo. With twists and turns from the down deep of Mechanical to the Up Top of the Sheriff’s station, we are drawn into this enclosed world, falling without permission into a desperate love of his characters.

Howey holds a rare gift, to make us care about characters before we meet them, before we know their names. Single mentions or encounters are enough to hold us longing for more. From Jules’ tenacity, Lukas’ almost awkward geekery, to the loyalty and strength of those in the deep down of Mechanical, we hold in our hands (whether paper and print, or eBook) a connection to such wonderfully rich and believable characters that we cannot cast them aside.

The enclosed world of Wool is fascinating, and with a relatively small setting, we are showered with detail that allows us to picture every inch of this dystopian Silo.

Despite the large, ever changing twists of the book, it is the small moments that really hone it in. Howey displays such emotion in these small moments that echo throughout the book, a call down the central staircase, its meaning rebounding into every inch of every level.

I really cannot praise this book enough. For me, it took me a little while to get into, as it sometimes does with new settings and characters, but there was a moment, much like the climbing of a staircase, where stopping became far more painful, far more unthinkable, than stopping for a rest.

Howey’s Wool takes us from the Deep Down, up that twisting and almost endless staircase of plots and characters, leaving us standing at the very top staring at the desolate view outside, somewhat depressed… because there aren’t more stairs ready for us to climb.


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