30 DBC: Day 4

Day 04 – Favorite book of your favorite series


This was actually a really difficult decision for me, because there are elements I love about each book. In the end, it came to a decision between Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, and Half Blood Prince. As you can see, Goblet of Fire won in the end.

I love the other two, and they both have such wonderful elements that discounting them was a struggle, but it was actually Harry himself that made the decision. I don’t like his character as much in OotP and HBP. It’s understandable, his angst and his anger at the world, but it’s also rather annoying to the point of wanting to slap him across the face at times.

I also think I ended up choosing Goblet of Fire because it is the first time Harry truly comes to face death. Everyone, up until this point, has been saved at the last minute. While deaths in the later books are people he was close to, you can also feel that they stepped in to the path of danger of their own volition. Cedric Diggory is the first person we see die, and he was also entirely innocent, which I feel makes it rather poignant. The injustice of it fuels Harry through the later books, and I think it’s an underlying reason as to why Harry acts the way he does in the end.

Plus, there’s a hell of a lot of cool wizardry and ideas in this one. That always helps.


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One Response to 30 DBC: Day 4

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Its my fav too! Not really a hard pick for me, because this book was always the best for me.

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