30 DBC: Day 14

Day 14 – Favorite book of your favorite writer

the-colour-of-magicThere are a lot of books that I could choose for today’s entry. Hell, there are 70 of them to choose from, at least 40 in the Discworld series. However, I choose Colour of Magic because it is the entry into this fantastic world that Terry Pratchett has created.

I have a number of loves within the Discworld, which I actually didn’t become familiar with through the books. As a child, my dad bought a copy of the PC Discworld game for my older sister.

It was a point and click game, and without a doubt, one of the most frustrating addictions I ever succumbed to. The phrase ‘That doesn’t work’ is forever branded in my memory. Unlike certain games, where you need to collect a certain object to move on, in Discworld, you needed to collect multiple things to make an item that would help you gather more things to make the actual object you needed to use.

For example, would you ever have thought that in order to make a dragon detector, you need a banana to give to the librarian to get a book. You need string and a prune in order to capture a pixie who paints pictures inside a camera. You need a ladder and a butterfly net to sneakily capture a pancake being tossed by a chef, so that you can go around and steal his frying pan when he goes off looking for his pancake…

And that’s only the start of it.

Anyway, my point being, this is how I got into the Discworld series. Not by books or by movies, but by clicking my way around the world and finding the most random objects imaginable.

I was a teenager before I first picked up a Discworld novel, and while my dad had a lot of them, he didn’t have the first three, so I had to go hunting for them. Most bookshops only had the later books, so it took a while.

As you can probably tell from my quote in yesterday’s entry, I fell in love with the Discworld books from the first page. I love the later books, all for different reasons, but The Colour of Magic stands out for me for nostalgia reasons. It was one of my paths into this gloriously rich, interesting, and sometimes hysterical world.


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