30 DBC: Day 25

(Alright then, I thought I’d published this, but apparently I hadn’t. Whoops! So, you get two today!)

I spent an absolutely lovely weekend with my family. We were in the sunshine, and vastly enjoyed watching my young niece Isobella playing. She’s 10 months, and already has such a personality.

So, anyway, onward…

Day 25 ā€“ A character who you can relate to the most


I have a lot of things in common with Bridget Jones. Personal aspects of myself that I hate and struggle to stop, I have a tendency to act like a complete tit after a few drinks, and I am continually unlucky in my love life. But I’d like to think that I have a spirit people enjoy, even behind all those flaws.

I think the films rather made a bit of a ridicule out of Bridget Jones, but the reason so many women can relate to this character is because she is real, she knows her flaws and she obsesses over them. She hates her body, like some of us do, and she’s self-depricating and sarcastic, English specialties.

I still love the books, and I hope another generation will read them, not just skip to the films.


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Self-Published author of the Out of Orbit series and the Teeth series. UCL Residence Assistant, obsessive cross stitcher, avid reader and TV show watcher.
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