Guest Post: My love of Science Fiction

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Today I’m honoured to host Eliza Green, the author of Becoming Human (Exilon 5 Trilogy.) Eliza and I met at the London Book Fair, and I immediately fell in love with her book cover (not to mention that she’d an absolutely wonderful person.) That was six months ago. Since then, Becoming Human has hit the Amazon Bestseller list and has been awarded a Compulsion Reads endorsement. Today, I’m falling in love with the book inside the cover as well.


Guest Post: My love of Science Fiction

Science fiction has always interested me and I mostly seek out the same type of story. One that’s not set too far into the future and shows us what can happen when we spoil our nice clean planet for future generations. Yes, I’m talking about Dystopia. Progress is good but in the wrong hands, it’s not always used wisely.

I grew up in the eighties when science fiction shows like the Twilight Zone were popular and movies like Stephen Spielberg’s E.T. and Ridley Scott’s Aliens dominated the cinemas and people started to show an interest in life outside of planet Earth. Then there was the UK science show called Tomorrow’s World, which showcased technology of the future and was in itself a type of science fiction programme. Today, I am curious to know if we adopted many of the ideas that the show discussed.  In the eighties and nineties came the movies Terminator and The Matrix, which showed a glimpse of how disastrous life could end up if we let it.

If I wasn’t hooked on science fiction before, I was now.

I’ve always enjoyed the how and when of a story, but what draws me in so intimately is the why.  The first Matrix film was so good because it concentrated on that very detail. The sequels that followed paled in comparison because they concentrated on the how. They made for dull viewing, in my opinion.

My own story, the Exilon 5 trilogy, explores what happens when humans are faced with a crisis on Earth and opt for the easiest, not necessarily the wisest, solution.  Even in current times, we are making mistakes when it comes to air pollution and overcrowding issues. There are some of us who are capable of looking to the future – scientists, engineers, maybe even some politicians – but most of us only look to the now. There is a great line in The Matrix where the protagonist, Mr. Smith compares humans to viruses. In a nutshell, he says they consume everything around them and move on when they’ve depleted all resources.

As humans, I believe we are clever enough to recognise our faults, but are trapped by our limitations to move beyond what is short term and convenient.

The idea for BECOMING HUMAN stemmed from a short story idea I had, where I imagined a young boy and an alien sitting together. I wondered what they might say to each other, but mostly what would drive the alien to risk talking to a human in the first place.  I may be a huge Science Fiction fan, but I can’t remember too many films where the aliens were depicted as anything other than aggressive or destructive. Too few films, apart from the movie Avatar by James Cameron, provide the alien’s point of view. My story gained momentum from there and the secret storyline was added.

BECOMING HUMAN examines the humans’ dilemma when faced with a move to a new planet. Earth is becoming inhabitable and Exilon 5 has clean air and can support an inflated population on Earth. But the Indigenes, the race that lives there, is standing in between a seamless transfer of the population. Book 1 explores the fallout when an Indigene meets with a young boy. ALTERED REALITY, Book 2, which is due in December, will explore the Indigenes’ home life in more detail.


About Eliza:

I hail from Dublin, Ireland, born and raised. I have worked in many industries from fashion, to sport to finance but when I discovered writing several years ago, I fell in love with it.

I write down-to-earth science fiction, which has stemmed from my lifelong obsession with sci-fi stories. I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t love it! I have a dark side, so you will never read anything of mine that is too happy, or cheery; don’t read it, don’t watch it. Human beings are flawed and those flaws interest me the most.

Three things I’m proud of:
Sticking with the writing
Going it alone
The Compulsion Reads endorsement on my book

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Fall in Love with Becoming Human

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