Dead and Buryd Launch.

Yesterday, Dead and Buryd officially went on sale!

I knew that it would be an emotional day for me. This is my first novel on sale, and I’ve worked incredibly hard to get it to where it is. Still, I wasn’t entirely prepared for it, and I think everyone at the book launch at Big Green Bookshop will agree that there were times when I was a bit out of it.

This is my dream, and it’s come true.

As a side note: Anyone who tells you that writing a book is difficult has never had to write dozens of personal inscriptions in one go. Much more difficult to think of original and heartwarming things to say when the person is staring at you. As revenge though, I did get everyone at the launch to sign my copy of Dead and Buryd. It’s going to sit proud on my shelf.

In other news, my Goodreads Giveaway has ended. Ten winners of the print copies of Dead and Buryd have been randomly selected by Goodreads. I will be mailing copies off tomorrow, so congratulations to the following winners:

Marie Dougan, Marcia Esteves, Alkida Dede, Dawid Fourie, Rebecca Gransden, David Richardson, lenny Van Daele, Naleen Mitchell Porreco, Charlene Weiner, and Ramez Adel.

At the beginning of last week, I was tweeting and hoping for 350 entries. At close of the giveaway this morning, there were 1228 entries to this giveaway, giving some amazing visibility to Dead and Buryd.

However, to all those who didn’t win, with the start of the blog tour, I now have a Rafflecopter giveaway to try again. This one is for eBook copies of the book, and can be in any format you choose.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This will run on every site on the blog tour, so make sure you’re following. There will be some great information, snippets of Dead and Buryd, some reviews, and even some secret insights into parts of the book and how it came into being.


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