Get Buryd Tour Update

Well, we’re half way through the ‘Get Buryd’ tour, and things have been going well. I had a lovely time talking with Rhian Watts, Laila Blake, and Natalie Wright, and I want to thank Rapid Reviewer for hosting a snippet of Dead and Buryd on her site.

Yesterday, I took part in a panel at the Wood Green Literary Festival on Opportunities in the Publishing Industry. It was incredibly interesting to be able to talk with some publishing professionals and give my opinion on aspects of the opportunities authors have. The publishers in the panel were all from smaller presses specialising in certain types of books. These are the types of presses who are really personable for authors, and only take on books they are incredibly passionate about. At one point during the panel, it was brought up that one of the aspects that makes them take up a book is that they’d be willing to bankrupt themselves for it. These are the publishing houses that publish a small number of books a year and put everything they have into them. It’s very inspiring to be in a conversation about the industry with them.

We discussed the advantages to publishing houses, to self-publishing, and where these overlapped. We also had a pretty good conversation about how authors should become involved with a publishing house and agents, not to mention the importance of doing your research properly, no matter which route you decide to take. All in all, it was very interesting to be a part of, and I hope I get the opportunity to be in more conversations like that one.

Tomorrow, it’s back onto the tour. Kim Cleary is posting a review of Dead and Buryd, which I am incredibly excited to read. I’ve had lovely words from my friends and family, so seeing what other writers think is going to be new.

Also, remember that the giveaway is still going on. Make sure you’re entered for your chance to win a free eBook.

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I’ll make sure to post more tomorrow.


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