Cover Reveal: ‘Altered Reality’ by Eliza Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was very lucky to be asked to host a stop on the blog tour for Eliza Green’s newest installment of the Exilon 5 trilogy, Altered Reality. Eliza and I met at the London Book Fair, and she has been incredibly helpful to me as I navigate my first year as a Self-Published author. Eliza is relatively new to the game too. Becoming Human, the first book in the Exilon 5 trilogy, was published in December 2012, yet she’s very knowledgeable, and more than willing to share that knowledge, which of course, worked well for me.

This is, of course, not to mention that the cover art is gorgeous, and there is no much I like more on my site than pretty things.

So, without further ado, here it is!


We get a synopsis too. See how nice indies are. Spoiled!

Being different is accepted. Being special could get you killed.

The Indigene Stephen is forced to leave Earth without Anton, who is captured by the military. On his journey back to Exilon 5, he’s haunted by a series of disturbing dreams. Are they a manifestation of his fear for his friend’s safety, or a psychological link to Anton?
Back on Earth, Bill Taggart focuses on two things: the search for Anton, and deciphering the coded letters from his wife. What he learns forces him to change his focus. He must find a way to warn the Indigenes.
The programme to transfer people from Earth to Exilon 5 becomes much more ‘selective’. Under orders from Earth’s World Government, a clinical biologist studies the imprisoned Anton’s genetic code in detail. But when a colleague turns up on the table in her medical facility, her curiosity about the Indigene soon shifts to fear for her own safety.

ALTERED REALITY is the mind-bending sequel to BECOMING HUMAN in the Exilon 5 trilogy.

You can buy Altered Reality at any of the following retailers:
AmazonKoboBarnes and NobleSmashwordsApple 


I am going a little excitement crazy, because not only do we have all the exciting new stuff to look at… there is a chance to win copies of the shiny Becoming Human, and the super shiny Altered Reality!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here is some more information on Eliza, the Exilon 5 Trilogy, and where you can pick up copies. I can’t gush about these enough. Wonderful Sci-Fi books from a tremendously kind and talented author.


Two Worlds. Two Species. One Terrifying Secret.

In 2163, a polluted and overcrowded Earth forces humans to search for a new home. But the exoplanet they target, Exilon 5, is occupied. Having already begun a massive relocation programme, Bill Taggart is sent to monitor the Indigenes, the race that lives there. He is a man on the edge. He believes the Indigenes killed his wife, but he doesn’t know why. His surveillance focuses on the Indigene Stephen, who has risked his life to surface during the daytime.

Stephen has every reason to despise the humans and their attempts to colonise his planet. To protect his species from further harm, he must go against his very nature and become human. But one woman holds a secret that threatens Bill’s and Stephen’s plans, an untruth that could rip apart the lives of those on both worlds.

Available at:
AmazonKoboBarnes and NobleSmashwordsApple


Eliza hails from Dublin, Ireland. While she has a marketing degree and has worked in many industries from fashion, to sport to finance, she fell in love with writing when she discovered it only a few years ago.
Eliza is not ashamed to admit she hated English in school, mostly because of how it was taught. She was always good at spelling, but the focus in school was on outdated books from Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. The old world language and lack of interesting books in school frustrated her to the point that it put her off reading until adulthood.  Then she re-discovered reading and now, that’s all she does … that and write of course.
Eliza writes down-to-earth science fiction, which has stemmed from her lifelong obsession with sci-fi stories. She has a dark side, so you will never read anything of hers that is too happy, or cheery. Human beings are flawed and those flaws interest her the most.

Catch up with Eliza:



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3 Responses to Cover Reveal: ‘Altered Reality’ by Eliza Green

  1. Eliza Green says:

    Ha! Love the intro! Thanks for hosting me today. Yes, the covers are shiny–literally!

  2. Eliza Green says:

    Ah, such a great show 🙂

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