The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf

Just over a year ago I joined a writer’s group at the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green. Through this group I have met some wonderful people, received some great advice on writing and publishing, and I hope I’ve given some advice that turned out to be good in return. 

It was in this group that I met Nick Bryan. Nick is a fantastic darkly comic writer, and today is celebrating the release of his first self-published work. Beginning as a serial on Jukepop, Hobson & Choi’s first case is now on sale! 

I was lucky enough to get an introduction and a sneak peak… which of course I’m sharing with everyone because it’s awesome.


dfw-nb-tgwtw-cover-midHello. I’m Nick Bryan, author of The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf, a London detective duo novel with a tone of grim comedy. It’s also the debut of the Hobson & Choi series, introducing a mismatched detective duo for the new millennium. If you like Jonathan Creek or Castle, it’s a bit like that, only in London and with more creative swearing.

And much less sexual tension, because Hobson’s a middle-aged man, Choi is a teenage girl and that would be creepy.

In this short scene, Hobson and Choi meet up with a crime boss on his home turf to discuss a murder – however, he isn’t the owner of a cool bar, but the chef at a discount pub.

And, as Hobson is about to be reminded, sometimes you have to do awful things in the name of justice…

This was a serious chat about a real murder, but nonetheless, Hobson stifled a grin. After all, his intern was squashed into a small space at the end of her bench-like seat by a morbidly obese chef. You had to laugh.

Trying to stay dour, he looked at his fry-up, wondering how many of these the chef must have eaten, and sliced into a veiny sausage. A thick trickle of yellowing fat ran out around the sides of his plate, and Hobson groaned. He was big enough to carry some extra weight, but there were limits.

He sopped the slice of meat around the beans to pick up some flavour, swallowed in one quick gulp, then looked back up. The chef didn’t seem placated by Hobson’s willingness to eat one forkful. Oh God, would he have to ingest this entire meal? Including that mushroom with thin crystal deposits on the skin?

“So what do you want, Mister Hobson?” The chef leaned forward, releasing the pressure on Choi’s lungs a fraction. “Since this place is so beneath you.”

“I wanted to ask you about the dog fights,” Hobson said, trying to project confidence. “Do you have dog fights here?”

“Are you with the filth?”


Hobson knew it’d take a whole rasher of bacon to get over this hurdle. He stabbed his fork into it, managing not to wince as the solid pink block snapped open and splintered grey-black shards. It tasted as bad as it looked, crunching into a spiked blob in his mouth, but at least he didn’t break any teeth.

The chef leaned in, showing Hobson was over the first hurdle, even as he growled: “I’ll fuck you up if you’re lying, okay?”

Hobson nodded, and went for another nugget of beans to absorb the remaining bacon. “And I’ll be delighted to let you. What did you say your name was, sir?”

“They call me Micro.” He leaned back, crushing the blood vessels in Choi’s legs. She grimaced but Hobson stayed polite. Whenever a blowhard self-styled crime guy says ‘They call me’ anything, it means they call themselves that, then beat the shit out of anyone who won’t.

“Nice to meet you, Micro.”

There was a tomato at the edge of the plate with a crusty outer layer, dribbling red bile thicker than ketchup – it looked like an animal’s heart. He dug into the wooden bacon instead, hoping to avoid the tough redness. But as the next segment of pink splintering gristle went into his mouth, he coughed up a blob of rancid phlegm anyway.

His next Subway would taste like a fucking salad after this.


“If we get 400 followers, John Hobson will solve that nasty wolf-murder case for free! Fight the thing himself if he has to! #HobsonVsWolf!”

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For more, you can find Nick and The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf via any of the following links:

Hobson & Choi homepage:


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