Teeth Cover Reveal

If you’ve been using Wattpad and you follow me, you might have seen that I’ve been releasing a vampire novella called ‘Teeth’ in regular instalments. Well, Teeth is almost finished (with the final two chapters written but not yet posted) and I’m going to be self-publishing it to all retailers within the next two months.

Obviously, Teeth needed a proper cover and, for your perusal, here it is!


 The blurb will be coming within the next fortnight ready for you to take a bite of, but here is a little taste of the first chapter.

The bathroom tap was leaking again. A tang of rust from the pipes filled the air, pulsing through his senses with each resonating drip. He rolled onto his side, groping around his waist for the blankets. In his state of drunkenness the night before, he must have forgotten to close the bathroom door, keeping the noise at bay. The pipe gurgled at the constant flow of water. Even if he had left the door open, it seemed louder than usual.

Maybe that was just the headache talking.

Thomas couldn’t even remember if the night out had been worth it. His stomach was churning, his head pounding, and the smell of rust in the air both turned his stomach and gnawed at him in hunger. The fifth drink—or perhaps the sixth—was the last he could remember. He groped forwards with his leg, trying to locate a blanket. He could only imagine that later on he’d be told tales of how hilarious he’d been in some venture or another.

His foot, in his blind search for the blanket, slid across something wet. Grimacing, Thomas groaned and retreated, wondering if he’d spilt something. Though, now he thought about the wet patch near the bottom of the mattress, he realised something else: this wasn’t his mattress. It was hard, lumpy, and had a definite sag under his hip.

He’d gone home with someone. He’d left the bar with someone who apparently didn’t own a blanket and also had a leaky tap.

Thomas opened his eyes, hoping that he’d be able to remember the girl when he saw her asleep next to him. Then he began screaming.

Happy Monday all!


About chelecooke

Self-Published author of the Out of Orbit series and the Teeth series. UCL Residence Assistant, obsessive cross stitcher, avid reader and TV show watcher.
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3 Responses to Teeth Cover Reveal

  1. R. G. Tamaki says:

    Awesome! Great to meet indie authors here in WP. I’m debuting mine this November so I’m looking at other writers for some sort of guidance :p Good luck!

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