Bookourite #1: Teeth

One of my favourite elements of Self-Publishing and the new era of publishing we’re seeing thanks to the internet, is that readers can get a better insight when it comes to authors of the books they love. They can see our writing habits, our other hobbies, and even parts of the books that we loved/hated/pulled our hair out over.

Readers and Authors have contact like never before. Not only can readers find out about authors, but authors can be in direct contact with readers to find out what they liked and didn’t like. It’s a very exciting time to be in a creative arena.

With all that said, I thought I would do one post a week under the hashtag ‘Bookourite‘ (If you haven’t worked it out, that is Books and Favourite.) I’ll be posting quotes, characters, chapters, storylines, and everything in between from my favourite books.

If you want to do a bookourite post on this blog, please let me know by clicking the ‘contact’ tab at the top. If you’d like to do this on your own blog, make sure you hashtag bookourite.


To start it off, I’m going to give you my author view of my bookourite elements of my most recent release, ‘Teeth’. Teeth is a short vampire novel that I started writing on Wattpad because I had a couple of characters who wouldn’t get out of my head. It’s part horror, part comedy, all blood, murder, and mockery. One of the reviewers dubbed it ‘Vampires meet Saw’ which amuses me.

So, here are my bookourites from Teeth:


Favourite Scene

My favourite scene to write was in Chapter 13 where Spencer is showing Thomas around the house. I was able to get in so many little jokes and comments on the paranormal genre, both things I like and things I was able to change.

“Next to them is the room you do not go in unless the house is on fire. They design graphics on video games and they don’t like being disturbed unless you’re delivering them blood and red bull.”

One of the most annoying things for me in the paranormal genre is the idea that because they’ve lived a hundred years, all vampires are somehow rich and don’t need to work. So, I flipped that on its head and tried to come up with a load of jobs vampires could either do without going outside, or could be done entirely at night. My favourite jobs there are telemarketing and the vampire who is a popular paranormal romance writer.


Favourite Character

I hope you all realise that this is kind of like picking between my children. I don’t have real children, so all I have are these fictional ones.

“I woke up in an unfamiliar room with my one night stand hanging from the ceiling.”

That being said, I have to say Spencer Allaway. He brewed in my head for a long time and he is the one I know the most about. He’s a curious, funny, intelligent little bugger, but he’s also incredibly flawed. He’s petty and obsessive, he’s a complete brat when he wants to be. More of his past will come out in later books, but let’s just say that he’d probably be dead-dead by now if he hadn’t been made vampire-dead.


Favourite Dialogue Quote

William was probably the most surprising character. As he’s not a POV character, he’s viewed entirely from other people. I had some great inspiration for his dialogue, especially when you start realising he’s not quite as brute-idiot as some characters believe he is.

“Well, I suppose I could break down the door,” William suggested idly. “Unless you’d like to sire a locksmith?”

I wrote it, and it still makes me snort.

Favourite Description Quote

August was a fantastic character to write. His personality, especially his snide sarcasm refused to stay in his dialogue. It seeped into the narrative, giving all of his chapters their own unique feel.

The young were foolhardy and believed themselves invincible. They would only get themselves killed if they knew. Not that they didn’t get themselves killed anyway, but once again, August was there to clean it up.

He seemed to clean up everyone’s messes. The eternal fucking janitor.


Favourite Location

My favourite location in the book is the coffee shop Paige works in. It’s inspired by a cafe in San Francisco called Blue Danube. I go there with my friends when I visit, and I always love it.

The coffee shop was almost empty, yet when Thomas stepped in he could feel a buzz of energy all around him. He moved towards the counter, worried that he was going to knock into people, but there was nobody at the tables. One woman sat in a comfortable seat by the window and two men occupied a table by the wall. That was it.

It’s the type of little independent place where they serve homemade food and organic fair trade coffee. The employees know the regulars and will sit and chat to them when there aren’t customers. It’s the sort of place that probably has knitting group and book club meetings in the evenings and will stay open until the last customer has finished. I like those places.


Favourite Idea

One of my favourite parts of writing this, as I’ve mentioned above, was taking those well known ideas of the paranormal genre and flipping them on their head. Even just tweaking them gave them a whole new life for the story, something to pull into the plot or throw away with a passing comment that might make readers laugh, or stop to think.

“Are you going to invite me in?” he asked.
Spencer appeared next to the girl and tugged the door from her grip, pulling it open wider.
“You can’t,” she said. “You can’t come in without an invitation.”
August laughed and stepped over the threshold.
“We can,” he said. “It just isn’t polite.”

What I loved most was using these little ideas and giving them a little meaning whilst also dismissing them completely. You don’t heal instantly: Well, that’s because you don’t want it to, otherwise broken bones would never set right. Keep vampires away with garlic: Their taste buds are much stronger and garlic is an overpowering taste.

I think, with all of these, my favourite idea that came out of Teeth was that these vampires know all the lore, they know the misconceptions, and they use them for their own amusement.

And there we have it. Teeth as my first bookourite! Next I’ll do Harry Potter, I think. That was always one of my favourites.


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Self-Published author of the Out of Orbit series and the Teeth series. UCL Residence Assistant, obsessive cross stitcher, avid reader and TV show watcher.
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