Kicking and Crying in Marketing and Editing

The Kickstarter for book 3 in the Out of Orbit series has eight days to go. If you’ve been considering supporting this and getting some goodies and some exclusive stuff not to be found anywhere else, now is the time.

I’ve learned some funny things during this kickstarter campaign. The first being that I absolutely hate the hard sell. I’m not good with marketing in that way. Mostly, I sort of amble along and attempt to be interesting and/or funny. Sometimes I manage to do both at the same time but even that isn’t really enough when you’re going and asking people to donate to something. I’ve had to drag myself kicking to put up posts reminding people about the kickstarter because, on the whole, it’s not something I’m good at. I’m better at the random updates and little insights into my life and my writing. Certainly something to improve on if I was going to try this again.

One of the more encouraging things I’ve found is that I enjoy making videos. I’m not particularly good at it at the moment and I end up with more bloopers than I do usable material, but I have fun doing it, and that’s the main thing. Maybe, when I have more time, I’ll start doing more videos on other topics.

Even outside of the kickstarter, I’ve been incredibly busy this month. My nephew was born yesterday, so I’m very excited to go and visit my family this weekend. His name is Henry, which not only gives him the nickname Harry (as confirmed by my sister) but his initials are HP. As a big fan of the Harry Potter series, this gives me a dorky sense of excitement and I am sure many Harry Potter gifts will ensue.

Mostly, however, I’ve been editing. Rack and Ruin goes to the editor at the beginning of July and I’ve been working like a mad woman to get it ready. In most cases, it’s just line editing but there has been the occasional rewrite to bring it up to a standard I’m happy with.

What I’ve learned here is that I need to stop reading ahead. I love the story in Rack and Ruin and once I’ve finished going through a chapter, I often continue reading. The problem with this is that there is quite an emotional sequence of chapters in this one, and being a sap, I have found myself tearing up more than once, unable to continue editing.

So, for the next few days, I’ve resigned myself to only doing one chapter at a time. I can’t work continuously for hours the way I’ve been doing so far because I know I’ll get too emotional.

I think the lesson here is: Get emotional during the writing, but detach for editing.

Not entirely sure how well that will go, but I’ll let you know once I’ve done this section.

Have a great week everyone, and once again, if you’d like to get a pre-release copy of Rack and Ruin, not to mention some great extra goodies including a short story not planned to be released until next year and some exclusive bonus chapters you won’t get anywhere else, please back the kickstarter campaign. For only £10 you’ll get the entire Out of Orbit series plus the extra content. Bargain!


About chelecooke

Self-Published author of the Out of Orbit series and the Teeth series. UCL Residence Assistant, obsessive cross stitcher, avid reader and TV show watcher.
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