The Idea-Space Continuum and other Writing Science

Every summer, my quiet little halls of residence job goes crazy. Ninety percent of the students move out and we become a low priced hotel to anyone and everyone who wants to book. This means weekend shifts and the office being open until 10pm. It means more temporary staff and training and… let’s just say that things get very busy. The problem I find is that the busier I am, the more ideas I have for stories. I have never suffered writer’s block so heavily as my 8 month stretch of unemployment when I had all the time in the world. Looking back on it, I know that I should have bashed my head against a wall until something came out, but shoulda, woulda, coulda.

In the last month alone, despite a crazy work schedule, one book in editing, one being written, and three more in chapter plans, I’ve had two new ideas now fighting for attention.

So, I started thinking about this and how it makes sense biologically. The harder we work our brain, the more we can use it without tiring it out, like any other muscle. When it comes to physics, however? There we find things get a little… messy.

The Idea-Space Continuum, instead of using Space for 3 dimensions and Time for the 4th, as found in the Space-Time Continuum, uses Imagination, Current Projects, and New Ideas for the first 3, and Available Time for the 4th.

If time is a positive large number, we end up with something along the lines of:


As Available Time gets shorter, Imagination jumps into overdrive. The more projects you have, the more imagination. Soon, we find that instead of solving for Time, we solve for Imagination instead because who knows if time will continue in its decline and we won’t have enough to write all these new imaginative ideas down.

So it ends up looking like this:


When things get especially bad, we might as well just throw logical algebra out the window.


Then, of course, you have Writing Relativity. Now, we all know that E=MC² when we’re discussing science, but what about writing? How does the mass of a project change our propensity for ideas?

So, taking the equation E=MC², we’re going to replace Energy with Creation of Ideas, Mass with Mass of current projects, and Speed of Light with Available Time.

Therefore, we get:

Creation of Ideas = Current Project Mass   X  Available Time²

We can also explain this via black holes. According to science, time slows the nearer you get to a black hole (or any massive body.) Imagine your Imagination as a black hole… Let me tell you that the closer you get to your imagination, the further you delve into it… your available time seems to disappear as well.


All in all, even ignoring my odd scientific references,  my point here is that the more work we have, the more our imagination kicks into warpspeed. Soon, we find ourselves in the middle of a pile of projects and not enough time to get through them all.

And relatively, scientifically or otherwise, we find ourselves more or less than, screwed.

About chelecooke

Self-Published author of the Out of Orbit series and the Teeth series. UCL Residence Assistant, obsessive cross stitcher, avid reader and TV show watcher.
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