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Out of Orbit Book 3 and Kickstarter!

Things have been rather crazy for the last month or so. I’ve been writing, editing, and promoting as well as my day job and a holiday in Wales with my family. As it turns out, even playing with my two … Continue reading

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Dead Stress under Deadlines

I had a very exciting day yesterday. Instead of groaning as I received yet another spam or pointless email, I was glued to my gmail as I made a decision on an editor for the third Out of Orbit book. … Continue reading

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New Month, New Meltdown

As you may have noticed, I’ve been rather quiet for the last month. This is not only due to the fact I’ve had very little to say of late, but also because I’ve been trying to organise my non-writing life. … Continue reading

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Bookourite #2: Harry Potter Series

I think there is a sliding scale in that the more you love a book, the more difficult it is to pick out why. I’ve been pondering my favourite elements of Harry Potter for the last week, and I’m sure … Continue reading

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Writing Environment #2: Location

There was once a time when I could write anywhere. I could write in the back of a classroom whilst I was supposed to be taking notes. I could scribble on the bus or sitting in my living room with … Continue reading

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Cross Hobby Marketing

I am a self-published author. While some people consider this as ‘I couldn’t get a publishing deal’, I think of it as having my own little company. I also have a number of friends who have their own companies. Mostly, … Continue reading

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Sci-Festival Giveaway Number 1

a Rafflecopter giveaway Here is the first of our Sci-Festival giveaways. Winners will receive a number of books from the following Sci-Festival authors: John Thornton Karen Myers Natalie Buske Thomas Eliza Green & myself, Chele Cooke.

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Interview with Ben Galley, one of the founders of Libiro

Ben Galley is one of those people you really want to hate for being awesome at everything. With his first release in 2011, at ageĀ 25 Ben has already released 4 popular books, the recently concluded Emaneska series. Not only that, … Continue reading

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eBook Formatting, Part 2 – Building it Up Again

Following the first section of eBook formatting in a HTML method, in which we used Microsoft Word to strip out a lot of our odd symbols, and to find the italics in our book, it is at this point that … Continue reading

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eBook Formatting, Part 1 – Stripping it Down

As Dead and Buryd is my first novel, and the transformation from scribbles to published book is coming entirely from my own pocket, I decided that while I would need professional assistance for things like editing and cover design, there … Continue reading

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