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The Long Game

I didn’t intend on writing a blog post until next week with the kickstarter for Rack and Ruin taking up a lot of my time. However, this topic has been coming up repeatedly with my close friend over the last … Continue reading

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Writing What I Know

There are two ends of the spectrum on whether or not you should ‘write what you know’. One end, as the phrase suggests, believes that you should write what you know because you’ll be able to show a deeper understanding. … Continue reading

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Writing Environment #2: Location

There was once a time when I could write anywhere. I could write in the back of a classroom whilst I was supposed to be taking notes. I could scribble on the bus or sitting in my living room with … Continue reading

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30 DBC: Day 26

Day 26 – A book that changed your opinion about something There are many books I could have chosen for this one, as books colour and shape my opinions all the time. I chose Wicked by Gregory Maguire because of … Continue reading

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