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Writing Environment #1: Playlists

There is always a lot of talk around your writing environment. ‘Is your writing environment feeding your productivity?’ and such questions. Finding your ideal environment can be a long process, but it is a process that won’t magically happen. You … Continue reading

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Sci-Festival and Festive Science.

For me, Post-Christmas is usually a time for squeezing in that last bit of overindulgence before New Years resolutions. I eat the rest of my chocolate and sweets from Christmas, I slob around watching TV, and generally do very little. … Continue reading

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The Sci-Fi Salad Bar

In San Francisco, there is this wonderful salad bar called Pluto’s. It’s near the Academy of Science Museum, and I try to make sure we go. It’s one of those salad bars where you pick the base (whether rocket or … Continue reading

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