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8 Days Later. No, not the Zombie Apocalypse

Fight or Flight has been out for 8 days and things are going well. I like to call it ‘ticking over’ though, the downloads for the free copies of Dead and Buryd have been anything but ticking. Thanks to some … Continue reading

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It’s Better to Give than to Receive!

It is less than a week until Fight or Flight is officially released. On top of that, it’s only two and a half more days until the blog tour gets started, giving readers the chance to win eBooks, take advantage … Continue reading

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Sci-Festival Giveaway 2

a Rafflecopter giveaway Enter this giveaway to win a copy of: SAND by Hugh Howey INCEPTIO by Alison Morton DEAD AND BURYD by Chele Cooke We have three copies of each title! Winners will be contacted via email by chelecooke@gmail.com … Continue reading

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Sci-Festival Giveaway Number 1

a Rafflecopter giveaway Here is the first of our Sci-Festival giveaways. Winners will receive a number of books from the following Sci-Festival authors: John Thornton Karen Myers Natalie Buske Thomas Eliza Green & myself, Chele Cooke.

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Advertising, Giveaways, and Discount Coupons

Advertising is a funny thing. The longer I spend trying to market my book, the more I find myself wondering how anyone makes a job out of this. How entire industries can be based around something so fickle and flighty. … Continue reading

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