Rack and Ruin: Tours, Covers, and Blurbs

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a post here, which admittedly is due to a number of factors including crazy work schedule, writing a hell of a lot, and attempting to get Rack and Ruin, the third book in the Out of Orbit series, ready for release, and I have a lot of exciting tidbits to tell you all today.

Rack and Ruin will be released on 29th October 2015. Yes, I am releasing it on my birthday, the third book to celebrate the end of my third decade.

Obviously, there are a lot of steps in getting a book ready for release (and to turn 30,) and as we come towards the end of September, I’m getting most of that work back so that I can share it with you.

The print formatted version is coming back from a fantastic proofreader, Rachel, within the next few days, everything is set up for eBook formatting, and today, I am very excited to have received the cover art back from Design for Writers. Once again, they have done a fantastic job in adding to this little brand of mine.

Rack and Ruin cover

Additionally, I also have the blurb from my fantastic editor, Andy Lowe.

“You ready to break out of the cage, little bird?”

Georgianna Lennox has been released by her keeper Edtroka, who has sided with the Cahlven, a technologically advanced race exiled from her home planet hundreds of years earlier.

When Edtroka disappears, Georgianna and a group of rebel friends are forced to embark on a dangerous scouting mission behind enemy lines.

As the Cahlven’s true intentions become clear, Georgianna and the rebels hatch an audacious plan to turn the Adveni’s most powerful weapon against them — at a terrible cost.

To celebrate the release of the book, Faye Rogers is helping me organise a blog tour involving interviews, guest posts, and reviews of the series. If you would like to take part, please follow this link. You can review the first book or the whole series, however you choose!

If you’d like to review Rack and Ruin but are not interested in the blog tour, you can get an Advance Review copy by contacting me personally on chelecooke[at]gmail.com and I can send an eBook format of your choice by the end of the week. Please note that reviews should be posted by 29th October 2015. 

About chelecooke

Self-Published author of the Out of Orbit series and the Teeth series. UCL Residence Assistant, obsessive cross stitcher, avid reader and TV show watcher.
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